An adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, is a mortgage with an interest rate that can be increased or decreased from time to time, depending on various factors. An ARM is helpful for someone taking out a mortgage during a period of low interest rates, especially if.

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What It Is. An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is a type of mortgage using a varying interest rate calculated by adding a premium to a specific benchmark rate. These loans are also called variable-rate mortgages or floating-rate mortgages.

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5/1 Arm Rates Today 7/1 Arm Mortgage Mortgage Index Rate Today Mortgage Rates and Market Data – Mortgage News Daily – Mortgage rates rose fairly quickly on Friday, depending on the lender and the scenario. Bonds (which dictate mortgage rates and interest rates in general) weakened overnight on a variety of.7 1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage – 7 1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage – We are offering mortgage refinancing service for your home. With our help, you can change term and lower monthly payments.

An adjustable premium is a premium on an insurance policy that does not remain at a fixed price indefinitely but can, rather, be altered throughout the policy life.

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An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is a kind of mortgage where the interest rate that you pay on your house changes periodically, which impacts the amount.